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Misra, G. (2013) Permeance of ICT in Crime in India. Master's thesis, University of Twente.
Caselli, M. and Hadžiosmanović, D. and Zambon, Emmanuele and Kargl, F. (2013) On the feasibility of device fingerprinting in industrial control systems. In: Critical Information Infrastructures Security, 16-18 Sept 2013, Amsterdam. pp. 155-166. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (8328). Springer. ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN 978-3-319-03963-3


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Diehl, S. and Hartel, P.H. and Sestoft, P., ed. (2000) Special issue: Principles of Abstract Machines. Future Generation Computer Systems, 16 (7). v-vi. ISSN 0167-739X *** ISI Impact 2,430 ***


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Wieringa, R.J. (1994) Transaction decomposition in Object-Oriented Models. In: Workshop on Formal Methods for Information System Dynamics, 6-7 Jun 1994, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Memoranda Informatica. University of Twente, Department of Computer Science. ISSN 0924-3755


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