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Linssen, J.M. and Theune, M. (2014) Meta-techniques for a social awareness learning game. In: Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Games Based Learning, ECGBL 2014, 9-10 Oct 2014, Berlin, Germany. pp. 697-704. Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited . ISSN 2049-0992 ISBN 978-1-910309-55-1
Spreeuwers, L.J. and Veldhuis, R.N.J. and Sultanali, S. and Diephuis, J. (2014) Fixed FAR Vote Fusion of regional Facial Classifiers. In: BIOSIG 2014: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group, 11-13 September 2014, Darmstadt, Germany. pp. 1-4. IEEE. ISBN 978-3-88579-624-4


van Dam, C. and Veldhuis, R.N.J. and Spreeuwers, L.J. (2013) Landmark-based model-free 3D face shape reconstruction from video sequences. In: Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG), , 4-6 Sep 2013, Darmstadt, Germany. pp. 265-272. Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) - Proceedings P-212. Gesellschaft fuer Informatik. ISSN 1617-5468 ISBN 978-3-88579-606-0


Spreeuwers, L.J. and Hendrikse, A.J. and Gerritsen, K.J. (2012) Evaluation of automatic face recognition for automatic border control on actual data recorded of travellers at Schiphol Airport. In: 2012 BIOSIG - Proceedings of the International Conference of Biometrics Special Interest Group, 6-7 Sept. 2012, Darmstadt, Germany. pp. 1-6. Proceedings of the International Conference of Biometrics Special Interest Group. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. ISSN 1617-5468 ISBN 978-1-4673-1010-9


Tao, Qian and van Rootseler, R.T.A. and Veldhuis, R.N.J. and Gehlen, S. and Weber, F. (2007) Optimal decision fusion and its application on 3D face recognition. In: Proceedings of the Special Interest Group on Biometrics and Electronic Signatures, 12-13 Jul 2007, Darmstadt, Germany. pp. 15-24. GI-Edition. Gesellschaft fur Informatik e.V.. ISSN 1617-5468 ISBN 978-3-88579-202-4


Chong, Chuen Ngen and Corin, R.J. and Etalle, S. and Hartel, P.H. and Jonker, W. and Law, Yee Wei (2003) LicenseScript: A Novel Digital Rights Language and its Semantics. In: 3rd Int. Conf. on Web Delivering of Music (WEDELMUSIC), Leeds, UK. pp. 122-129. IEEE Computer Society. ISBN 0-7695-1935-0

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