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769 Experimental implementation of a real-time token-based network protocol on a microcontroller
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Hanssen, F.T.Y. and Krikke, R. and Baron, B. and Jansen, P.G. and Scholten, J. (2004) Experimental implementation of a real-time token-based network protocol on a microcontroller. In: 5th PROGRESS Symposium on Embedded Systems, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. pp. 49-57. Technology Foundation STW. ISBN 90-73461-41-3

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The real-time token-based RTnet network protocol has been implemented on a standard Ethernet network to investigate the possibility to use cheap components with strict resource limitations while preserving Quality of Service guarantees. It will be shown that the proposed implementation is feasible on a small network. For larger networks a different approach is necessary, using delegation by means of proxies. A delegation proposal will be discussed. For small networks it is possible to use a PIC microcontroller in combination with a standard Ethernet controller to run the RTnet network protocol. As more systems are added to the network the performance of this combination becomes insufficient. When this happens it is necessary for the microcontroller to delegate some tasks to a more powerful master and to organize a low-level communication protocol between master and slave.

Item Type:Conference or Workshop Paper (Proceedings UNSPECIFIED, Presentation Type UNSPECIFIED)
Research Group:EWI-DIES: Distributed and Embedded Security
Research Program:CTIT-UBRICKS: Building Blocks for Ubiquitous Computing and Communication
Research Project:@HA: @ Home Anywhere
Additional Information:Imported from DIES
ID Code:769
Deposited On:12 December 2005
More Information:statistics

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