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27326 Electrochemical protein cleavage in a microfluidic cell with integrated boron doped diamond electrodes
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van den Brink, F.T.G. and Zhang, Tao and Ma, Liwei and Bomer, J.G. and Odijk, M. and Olthuis, W. and Permentier, H.P. and Bischoff, R. and van den Berg, A. (2016) Electrochemical protein cleavage in a microfluidic cell with integrated boron doped diamond electrodes. Analytical chemistry, 88 (18). pp. 9190-9198. ISSN 0003-2700 *** ISI Impact 5,886 ***

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Specific electrochemical cleavage of peptide bonds at the C-terminal side of tyrosine and tryptophan generates peptides amenable to liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) analysis for protein identification. To this end we developed a microfluidic electrochemical cell of 160 nL volume that combines a cell geometry optimized for a high electrochemical conversion efficiency (>95%) with an integrated boron doped diamond (BDD) working electrode offering a wide potential window in aqueous solution and reduced adsorption of peptides and proteins. Efficient cleavage of the proteins bovine insulin and chicken egg white lysozyme was observed at 4 out of 4 and 7 out of 9 of the predicted cleavage sites, respectively. Chicken egg white lysozyme was identified based on 5 electrochemically generated peptides using a proteomics database searching algorithm. These results show that electrochemical peptide bond cleavage in a microfluidic cell is a novel, fully instrumental approach toward protein analysis and eventually proteomics studies in conjunction with mass spectrometry

Item Type:Article
Research Group:EWI-BIOS: Biomedical and Environmental Sensorsystems
Research Program:MESA-NanoFabrication, MESA-BioNanotechnology: from single molecules to cells, MESA-NanoFluidics, MIRA-Tissue Regeneration
Research Project:MASS: Electrochemistry - Mass spectrometry (EC-MS) for proteomics and drug metabolism
ID Code:27326
Deposited On:28 October 2016
ISI Impact Factor:5,886
More Information:statistics

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