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26002 In situ surface-enhanced raman spectroelectrochemical analysis system with a hemin modified nanostructured gold surface
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Yuan, Tao and Le Thi Ngoc, Loan and van Nieuwkasteele, J.W. and Odijk, M. and van den Berg, A. and Permentier, H. and Bischoff, R. and Carlen, E.T. (2015) In situ surface-enhanced raman spectroelectrochemical analysis system with a hemin modified nanostructured gold surface. Analytical chemistry, 87 (5). pp. 2588-2592. ISSN 0003-2700 *** ISI Impact 5,886 ***

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An integrated surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroelectrochemical (SEC) analysis system is presented that combines a small volume microfluidic sample chamber (<100 mu L) with a compact three-electrode configuration for in situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroelectrochemistry. The SEC system includes a nanostructured Au surface that serves dual roles as the electrochemical working electrode (WE) and SERS substrate, a microfabricated Pt counter electrode (CE), and an external Ag/AgCl reference electrode (RE). The nanostructured Au WE enables highly sensitive in situ SERS spectroscopy through large and reproducible SERS enhancements, which eliminates the need for resonant wavelength matching of the laser excitation source with the electronic absorption of the target molecule. The new SEC analysis system has the merits of wide applicability to target molecules, small sample volume, and a low detection limit. We demonstrate in situ SERS spectroelectrochemistry measurements of the metalloporphyrin hemin showing shifts of the iron oxidation marker band nu(4) with the nanostructured Au working electrode under precise potential control

Item Type:Article
Research Group:EWI-BIOS: Biomedical and Environmental Sensorsystems
Research Program:MESA-NanoFabrication, MESA-BioNanotechnology: from single molecules to cells, MESA-NanoFluidics, MIRA-Tissue Regeneration
Research Project:NANOWires: Nanowire Based Biosensors
ID Code:26002
Deposited On:18 December 2015
ISI Impact Factor:5,886
More Information:statisticsmetis

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