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25078 Opportunistic sensing & aggregation network using smartphones and sensor nodes
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Heuven, D. (2014) Opportunistic sensing & aggregation network using smartphones and sensor nodes. Master's thesis, University of Twente.

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The COMMIT/SenSafety project focuses on using heterogeneous sen-
sor networks for safety and (perceived) security. Part of this safety is
sensing the environment. Classically sensing the environment is done us-
ing a static network of sensor nodes spread in the area of interest however
this has some disadvantages such as monitoring only xed positions and
the requirement that nodes are connected with one another in order to
upload their measurements. It is desired that a whole city could be mon-
itored with only a limited amount of nodes which should have dynamic
locations. A viable (partial) replacement for traditional sensor nodes are
smartphones. Smartphones can act as the communication link between
separate sensor nodes thereby increasing the possible size of the network
as nodes do not have to be in communication range of one another any-
more. Smartphones are mobile as their owners carry them around, they
are often recharged and have multiple ways for communication. What are
the challenges in using smartphones in environmental sensing and how
would one do so? This thesis attempts to answer these questions by an-
swering the research question
"How can smartphones be used in environmental sensing, in the context
of a city-wide project, and what are the challenges to overcome?".

Item Type:Master's Thesis
Research Group:EWI-PS: Pervasive Systems
Research Program:CTIT-WiSe: Wireless and Sensor Systems
Research Project:COMMIT/SENSA: Sensor Networks for Public Safety
Uncontrolled Keywords:Opportunistic sensing, Opportunistic communication, Smartphones, Sensor network, Scalability
ID Code:25078
Deposited On:08 December 2014
More Information:statistics

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