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19145 Forensic Face Recognition: A Survey
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Ali, T. and Veldhuis, R.N.J. and Spreeuwers, L.J. (2010) Forensic Face Recognition: A Survey. Technical Report TR-CTIT-10-40, Centre for Telematics and Information Technology University of Twente, Enschede. ISSN 1381-3625

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Beside a few papers which focus on the forensic aspects of automatic face recognition, there is not much published about it in contrast to the literature on developing new techniques and methodologies for biometric face recognition. In this report, we review forensic facial identification which is the forensic experts‟ way of manual facial comparison. Then we review famous works in the domain of forensic face recognition. Some of these papers describe general trends in forensics [1], guidelines for manual forensic facial comparison and training of face examiners who will be required to verify the outcome of automatic forensic face recognition system [2]. Some proposes theoretical framework for application of face recognition technology in forensics [3] and automatic forensic facial comparison [4, 5]. Bayesian framework is discussed in detail and it is elaborated how it can be adapted to forensic face recognition. Several issues related with court admissibility and reliability of system are also discussed.
Until now, there is no operational system available which automatically compare image of a suspect with mugshot database and provide result usable in court. The fact that biometric face recognition can in most cases be used for forensic purpose is true but the issues related to integration of technology with legal system of court still remain to be solved. There is a great need for research which is multi-disciplinary in nature and which will integrate the face recognition technology with existing legal systems. In this report we present a review of the existing literature in this domain and discuss various aspects and requirements for forensic face recognition systems particularly focusing on Bayesian framework.

Item Type:Internal Report (Technical Report)
Research Group:EWI-SAS: Signals and Systems
Research Project:BBfor2: Bayesian Biometrics for Forensics
Uncontrolled Keywords:forensics, biometrics, face recognition
ID Code:19145
Deposited On:05 January 2011
More Information:statisticsmetis

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