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17598 Activity Recognition Using Inertial Sensing for Healthcare, Wellbeing and Sports Applications: A Survey
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Avci, A. and Bosch, S. and Marin-Perianu, M. and Marin-Perianu, R.S. and Havinga, P.J.M. (2010) Activity Recognition Using Inertial Sensing for Healthcare, Wellbeing and Sports Applications: A Survey. In: 23th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems, ARCS 2010, 22-23 Feb 2010, Hannover, Germany. pp. 167-176. VDE Verlag. ISBN 978-3-8007-3222-7

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This paper surveys the current research directions of activity recognition using inertial sensors, with potential application in healthcare, wellbeing and sports. The analysis of related work is organized according to the five main steps involved in the activity recognition process: preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction, dimensionality reduction and classification. For each step, we present the main techniques utilized, their advantages and drawbacks, performance metrics and usage examples. We also discuss the research challenges, such as user behavior and technical limitations, as well as the remaining open research questions.

Item Type:Conference or Workshop Paper (Full Paper, Talk)
Research Group:EWI-PS: Pervasive Systems
Research Program:CTIT-WiSe: Wireless and Sensor Systems
Research Project:IS-ACTIVE: Inertial Sensing Systems for Advanced Chronic Condition Monitoring and Risk Prevention
Uncontrolled Keywords:activity recognition, inertial sensing, body sensor networks
ID Code:17598
Deposited On:26 February 2010
More Information:statisticsmetis

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